Comprehensive Judge Directory for Massachusetts

Explore our directory of judges in Massachusetts on Trellis.Law. Our comprehensive resource covers the professional paths of both active and former judges, including those retired or deceased. Discover in-depth judicial profiles, analyze comprehensive analytics, and review recent case histories and rulings. This directory is an invaluable tool for understanding the legal landscape of Massachusetts, offering insight into each judge's unique judicial approach and perspectives. Regularly updated, our directory ensures you always have the most accurate and insightful information at your disposal.

201-300 of 483 results in MA

Judge Name Court County Status Analytics
Christina L. Harms Norfolk County Probate & Family Court
Robert W. Harnais Cambridge District Court
Joseph P. Harrington, Jr. New Bedford District Court
Mary E. Heffernan Newton District Court
Charles J. Hely Norfolk County Superior Court
Bruce R. Henry Massachusetts Superior Court
Julieann Hernon Wrentham District Court
Geraldine S. Hines Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court
Marianne C. Hinkle Woburn District Court
Margaret R. Hinkle Massachusetts Superior Court
David M. Hodge Hampden County Superior Court Active
Michele B. Hogan Cambridge District Court
Maureen B. Hogan Suffolk County Superior Court Active
Nancy S. Holtz Massachusetts Superior Court
Merita A. Hopkins Bristol County Superior Court Retired
Thomas C. Horgan Boston Municipal Court
Daniel J. Hourihan Taunton District Court
Neil A. Hourihan Cambridge District Court
Ina Rae Howard-Hogan Cambridge District Court
Janice W. Howe Essex County Superior Court Active
Barbara M. Hyland Hampden County Probate & Family Court
Marie Oliver Jackson Woburn District Court
Susan L. Jacobs Bristol County Probate & Family Court
Joseph W. Jennings, III Gloucester District Court
Charles R. Johnson Boston Municipal Court
Shelley M. Joseph Newton District Court
Bertha D. Josephson Massachusetts Superior Court
Myong J. Joun Boston Municipal Court
John M. Julian Barnstable District Court
Spencer M. Kagan Dukes County Probate & Family Court
Robert J. Kane Massachusetts Superior Court
Randy Jill Kaplan Nantucket County Probate & Family Court
Mitchell H. Kaplan Massachusetts Superior Court
Thomas S. Kaplanes Boston Municipal Court
Jeffrey T. Karp Essex County Superior Court Active
Emily A. Karstetter Malden District Court
Hélène Kazanjian Suffolk County Superior Court Active
Leilah A. Keamy Worcester County Probate & Family Court
Angel Kelley Plymouth County Superior Court
Sally A. Kelly Boston Municipal Court
Janet Kenton-Walker Worcester County Superior Court Active
Leila R. Kern Essex County Superior Court
Steven M. Key Boston Municipal Court
C. Jeffrey Kinder Massachusetts Appeals Court
Ronald W. King Worcester County Probate & Family Court
J. Thomas Kirkman Edgartown District Court
Maynard M. Kirpalani Plymouth County Superior Court Active
David H. Kopelman Norfolk County Probate & Family Court
Diane M. Kottmyer Suffolk County Superior Court
Peter B. Krupp Suffolk County Superior Court Active
James L. LaMothe Malden District Court
James F. Lang Essex County Superior Court Active
Robert W. Langlois Norfolk County Probate & Family Court
Elizabeth O'Neill LaStaiti Bristol County Probate & Family Court
Peter M. Lauriat Massachusetts Superior Court
Edward P. Leibensperger Massachusetts Superior Court
Joseph F. Leighton, Jr. Norfolk County Superior Court Active
Gerald A. Lemire Uxbridge District Court
James R. Lemire Massachusetts Appeals Court
Antoinette E. Leoney Massachusetts District Court
E. Chouteau Levine Massachusetts Probate & Family Court
D. Dunbar Livingston Chelsea District Court
David B. Locke Uxbridge District Court
Jeffrey A. Locke Suffolk County Superior Court Active
Christopher P. LoConto Fitchburg District Court
Paul F. LoConto Worcester District Court
Keith C. Long Massachusetts Land Court
David A. Lowy Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court
John T. Lu Essex County Superior Court Retired
Edward F.X. Lynch Barnstable District Court
Tracy-Lee Lyons Boston Municipal Court
Matthew J. Machera Chelsea District Court
Bonnie H. MacLeod Massachusetts Superior Court
Laurie MacLeod Orange District Court
Paul F. Mahoney Boston Municipal Court
Patrick J. Malone New Bedford District Court
Kevin V. Maltby Springfield District Court
Andrew L. Mandell Fitchburg District Court
Mary McCauley Manzi Essex County Probate & Family Court
William F. Martin Lowell District Court
Mark D. Mason Hampden County Superior Court Active
Edmund C. Mathers Attleboro District Court
William F. Mazanec, III Greenfield District Court
Mary F. McCabe Haverhill District Court
Paul J. McCallum Dedham District Court
John S. McCann Massachusetts Superior Court
Maura K. McCarthy East Brookfield District Court
Kathleen M. McCarthy Essex County Superior Court Active
Lawrence E. McCormick Boston Municipal Court
C. Brian McDonald Hampden County Superior Court
John E. McDonald, Jr. Boston Municipal Court
Edward J. McDonough, Jr. Hampden County Superior Court Active
Christine M. McEvoy Massachusetts Superior Court
Paul L. McGill Worcester District Court
James J. McGovern Massachusetts District Court
Matthew L. McGrath Massachusetts District Court
Prudence M. McGregor Bristol County Probate & Family Court
Janet J. McGuiggan Worcester District Court
Thomas F. McGuire, Jr. Plymouth County Superior Court
Frances A. McIntyre Suffolk County Superior Court

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