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Trellis has created an easily accessible, searchable database
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The most comprehensive data, analytics, and research tools for CA practitioners.

Powerful Analytics

Analyze millions of past rulings w/ Trellis Judicial Strategy Reports

Write more persuasive motions.

Detailed analysis of how your judge has ruled on specific motions in the past.

Is your judge an outlier?

See how your judge compares to other judges in the county.

Tailor your litigation strategy.

Is your judge sympathetic to a particular kind of argument? How have they handled similar motions and cases in the past?

Grow Your Practice

Trellis gives you the support you need to grow your practice.

Win motions

Research your judge's past rulings to understand your judge's thought process, and see exactly which case law they consider relevant.

Win cases

Gain a clear competitive advantage over opposing counsel by searching through their past cases and how they've positioned issues in the past.

Win clients

Build your client's confidence by providing insights on judge's tendencies and set their expectations from the start of every case.

Search across over 8,496,335 Superior Court records


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