What If You Had
The Answers To The Test?

Trellis makes over a decade of California superior court records
searchable for the first time. Instead of researching a matter in the abstract,
see what your judge actually thinks.

Powerful Strategy Reports

Analyze thousands of past rulings with the click of a button to gain a competitive advantage!

Motion History

Detailed analysis of motions your judge has granted, with full-text search.

Compare against other judges

See how your judge stacks up against other judges in the area.

Don't miss potential problems

Is your judge sympathetic to a particular kind of argument? How have they handled similar motions and cases in the past?

Grow Your Practice

Trellis gives attorneys the support they need.

Win motions

Read past rulings to understand your judge's thought process, and see exactly which case law they consider relevant.

Win clients

Build confidence by setting client expectations. Look up your judge's tendencies compared to other judges in the area. Are they tougher, friendlier, more likely to send a case to arbitration?

Win cases

Gain a clear competitive advantage over opposing counsel, which helps you build leverage to obtain the most favorable outcome for your clients.

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