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Sandrena Lee, Plaintiff(S) Vs. Juan Agraz Cisneros, Defendant(S)

Case Last Refreshed: 4 months ago

Lee, Sandrena, filed a(n) Automobile - Torts case represented by Jennifer Peterson, Esq, against Agraz Cisneros, Juan, Brightview Landscapes, Llc, represented by Michael P. Lowry, in the jurisdiction of Clark County, NV, . Clark County, NV Superior Courts with Crystal Eller presiding.

Case Details for Lee, Sandrena v. Agraz Cisneros, Juan , et al.

Filing Date

June 01, 2023


Negligence - Auto

Last Refreshed

January 18, 2024

Practice Area


Filing Location

Clark County, NV

Matter Type


Parties for Lee, Sandrena v. Agraz Cisneros, Juan , et al.


Lee, Sandrena

Attorneys for Plaintiffs

Jennifer Peterson, Esq


Agraz Cisneros, Juan

Brightview Landscapes, Llc

Attorneys for Defendants

Michael P. Lowry

Case Events for Lee, Sandrena v. Agraz Cisneros, Juan , et al.

Type Description
Docket Event Status Check
There being no parties present, COURT ORDERED, matter CONTINUED. CONTINUED TO: 4/17/24 10:00 AM

Judge: Eller, Crystal


Judge: Eller, Crystal

Docket Event Demand for Security of Costs Doc ID# 17
[17] Defendants' Demand for Security of Costs
Docket Event Disclosure Statement Doc ID# 18
[18] Brightview Landscape Services, LLC's NRCP 7.1 Disclosure Statement
Docket Event Initial Appearance Fee Disclosure Doc ID# 16
[16] Defendants' Initial Appearance Fee Disclosure
Docket Event Affidavit of Service Doc ID# 15
[15] Affidavit of Service
Docket Event Amended Complaint Doc ID# 13
[13] Amended Complaint and Demand for Jury Trial
Docket Event Summons Electronically Issued - Service Pending Doc ID# 14
[14] Summons- Brightside
Docket Event Show Cause Hearing
Upon Court's inquiry, Ms. Peterson apologized for not appearing at the previous hearing due to calendaring issues. COURT ORDERED, no sanctions will issue. Further, Ms. Peterson advised a copy of the complaint and service was sent to the insurance company, and if a response is not received, intends to proceed with a Default. COURT SO NOTED, and ORDERED, Status Check SET; if an answer or application is filed beforehand, the hearing will be vacated. 1/17/23 10:00 AM STATUS CHECK: DEFAULT

Judge: Eller, Crystal

Docket Event Show Cause Hearing

Judge: Eller, Crystal

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