Request to Remove Records

Trellis: Legal Intelligence is committed to furthering access to public records and transparency in the US justice system. As data on our site is a matter of public record, published by court and government sites, Trellis is unable to remove public data absent a court order sealing the public record. You can review our Public Records Policy here.

Please ensure that any request to remove information is accompanied by the applicable publishing court’s order to seal such documents. Inquiries related to visibility within Google or other search engine search results should be directed to the applicable search engine directly.

To request the removal of records, please fill in all of the fields below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get records removed from the Trellis: Legal Intelligence database?

1. Fill out Request for Removal Form.

2. Upload Order to Seal from Applicable Court.

3. You’ll receive notice via email once access to the record has been removed.

How do I obtain an order to seal public records?

Please see Cal Rules of Court 2.551(b) for information regarding how to obtain an order to seal records in Superior Court.

How do I stop certain records from showing up in google search results?

You can contact Google directly and ask for content to be removed. Note that removing content from Google and other search engines is determined solely by those companies.

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