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In The Matter Of The Petition Of Corporate Compliance Llc

Case Last Refreshed: 3 years ago

Corporate Compliance Llc, filed a(n) Other Civil Filings (Petition) case against Greenlite Ventures Inc, in the jurisdiction of Clark County, NV, . Clark County, NV Superior Courts with Crockett, Jim presiding.

Case Details for Corporate Compliance Llc v. Greenlite Ventures Inc

Filing Date

February 21, 2019


Other Civil Filings (Petition)

Last Refreshed

November 24, 2020

Filing Location

Clark County, NV

Case Outcome Type


Parties for Corporate Compliance Llc v. Greenlite Ventures Inc


Corporate Compliance Llc

Attorneys for Plaintiffs


Greenlite Ventures Inc

Other Parties

Stephen M. Dixon (Attorney)

Case Events for Corporate Compliance Llc v. Greenlite Ventures Inc

Type Description
Docket Event Status Check

Judge: Crockett, Jim) VacatedStatus Check: Filing of Order (4/20

Docket Event Notice of Entry of Order Granting Motion For Attorneys Fees
Docket Event Motion for Attorney Fees
Custodian's Motion for Attorney Fees
Custodian Corporate Compliance, LLC s Motion for Attorney Fees Pursuant to EDCR 2.23 (c) and (d) this matter is being decided on the briefs and pleadings filed by the parties without oral argument since the Court deems oral argument unnecessary. The Court agrees with the arguments and points made by counsel for movant and the Court recalls the misrepresentations made by Mr. Casey and the failure of the opponents to the motion for discharge to meritoriously support their opposition to the motion for discharge. The Court has fully analyzed the Brunzell factors and finds it entirely appropriate to award Corporate Compliance $5,020 in attorney fees. COURT ORDERED, Motion GRANTED. Counsel for Corporate Compliance to submit an order to Chambers for signature within fourteen days per EDCR 7.21. COURT FURTHER ORDERED, status check SET for the filing of the Order. 6/11/20 STATUS CHECK: FILING OF ORDER CLERK'S NOTE: This Minute Order was electronically served to all registered parties for Odyssey File & Serve. /rl 4/20/2020

Judge: Crockett, Jim

Docket Event Opposition to Motion for Attorney Fees
Docket Event Declaration of Grant Caseu
Docket Event Status Check
Vacated - Moot

Judge: Thompson, Charles) Vacated - MootFILING OF ORDER to Discharge Custodianship (1/30/20

Docket Event Motion for Fees
Motion for Attorney Fees
Docket Event Clerk's Notice of Hearing
Notice of Hearing
Docket Event Notice of Entry of Order Discharging Custodianship
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