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Ebin Muhammad V. Marcus Reid

Case Last Refreshed: 8 months ago

Muhammad, Ebin filed a(n) Housing Code Regulations case against Reid, Marcus, in the jurisdiction of District of Columbia. This case was filed in District of Columbia Superior Courts with Housing Conditions, Mortgage Foreclosure presiding.

Case Details for v. Reid, Marcus


Housing Conditions, Mortgage Foreclosure Track Judge’s New Cases

Filing Date

June 26, 2023


Housing Code Regulations

Last Refreshed

June 26, 2023

Filing Location

District of Columbia, DC

Parties for v. Reid, Marcus


Attorneys for Plaintiffs


Reid, Marcus

Other Parties

Muhammad, Ebin (Party)

Pro Se (Attorney)

Case Events for v. Reid, Marcus

Type Description
Docket Event Motion for Temporary Restraining Order Filed (Judicial Officer: Judge In, Chambers)
Docketed on: 06/26/2023
Docket Event Complaint for Housing Code Regulations Filed
Docketed On: 06/26/2023
Docket Event Appl. to Proceed w/o Prepayment of Cost Filed
Docketed On: 06/26/2023
Docket Event Initial Order for Housing Conditions [Remote] (Judicial Officer: Housing Conditions, Mortgage Foreclosure)
Docket Event Appl. to Proceed w/o Prepayment of Cost Granted by Clerk
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