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Lvnv Funding Llc Vs Simpson, Laurel

Case Last Refreshed: 1 year ago

Lvnv Funding Llc, filed a(n) Breach of Contract - Commercial case represented by Anderson, Jonathan D, against Simpson, Laurel, in the jurisdiction of Clackamas County, OR, . Clackamas County, OR Superior Courts .

Case Details for Lvnv Funding Llc v. Simpson, Laurel

Filing Date

December 20, 2018



Last Refreshed

September 30, 2022

Practice Area


Filing Location

Clackamas County, OR

Matter Type

Breach of Contract

Case Outcome Type


Parties for Lvnv Funding Llc v. Simpson, Laurel


Lvnv Funding Llc

Attorneys for Plaintiffs

Anderson, Jonathan D


Simpson, Laurel

Case Events for Lvnv Funding Llc v. Simpson, Laurel

Type Description
Docket Event Trial - Six Person Jury
Set by crt;
Docket Event Hearing - Settlement Conference
set by crt;
Docket Event Notice - Judgment Entry
Docket Event Closed
Docket Event Digitized Judgment Document

Judge: Norby, Susie L

Docket Event Notice - Dismissal
Docket Event Notice - Arbitration Hearing Date
loc: 1000 SW Broadway, Ste 2300, Portland, OR 97205
Docket Event Notice - Appointing Arbitrator
The Court appoints Conrad Hutterli to arbitrate this case. Arbitration to occur on or before July 26, 2019
Docket Event Request
Arbitration Workflow
Docket Event Response
to ptf's 1st set of adm not dated
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