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Landry V Tremblay

Case Last Refreshed: 2 years ago

Landry, Robert M, filed a(n) Automobile - Torts case represented by Cariglia, Esq., Joseph J, against Tremblay, Maribeth A, represented by Deleault, Esq., Nicholas, in the jurisdiction of Worcester County, MA, . Worcester County, MA Superior Courts .

Case Details for Landry, Robert M v. Tremblay, Maribeth A

Filing Date

June 21, 2012



Last Refreshed

April 18, 2021

Practice Area


Filing Location

Worcester County, MA

Matter Type


Parties for Landry, Robert M v. Tremblay, Maribeth A


Landry, Robert M

Attorneys for Plaintiffs

Cariglia, Esq., Joseph J


Tremblay, Maribeth A

Attorneys for Defendants

Deleault, Esq., Nicholas

Case Events for Landry, Robert M v. Tremblay, Maribeth A

Type Description
Docket Event JUDGMENT failure to prosecute: Case is dismissed without prejudice. (Cornelius Moriarty, II, Justice). Copies mailed 8/22/2012
Docket Event Notice sent to appear for pre-trial conference on 8/14/2012
Docket Event ANSWER: Maribeth A Tremblay(Defendant) -CJ
Docket Event SERVICE RETURNED: Maribeth A Tremblay(Defendant) service made 10/14/2010 ( last and usual)
Docket Event Motion (P#2) Allowed (Garry V. Inge, Justice).
Docket Event Plaintiff Robert M Landry's MOTION for appointment of special process server Francis J Trapasso
Docket Event Filing fee paid in the amount of $275 including $15.00 surcharge and $20.00 security fee.
Docket Event Origin 1, Type B03, Track F.
Docket Event Complaint & civil action cover sheet filed and rule 29 statement.-CJ
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