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Dcss Ex. Rel Vs Paullus

Case Last Refreshed: 2 days ago

Dcss Ex. Rel, Paullus, Ryleigh B, filed a(n) Judgment Enforcement - Creditor case represented by Ellison, Sherry S, Gray, E Talley, Shrake, Charles G, against Paullus, Peter L, in the jurisdiction of Gwinnett County, GA, . Gwinnett County, GA Superior Courts Superior with Davis, Warren presiding.

Case Details for Dcss Ex. Rel v. Paullus, Peter L , et al.

Filing Date

April 04, 2024


Support Enforcement*

Last Refreshed

May 18, 2024

Practice Area


Filing Location

Gwinnett County, GA

Matter Type

Judgment Enforcement

Filing Court House


Parties for Dcss Ex. Rel v. Paullus, Peter L , et al.


Dcss Ex. Rel

Paullus, Ryleigh B

Attorneys for Plaintiffs

Ellison, Sherry S

Gray, E Talley

Shrake, Charles G


Paullus, Peter L

Case Events for Dcss Ex. Rel v. Paullus, Peter L , et al.

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