Case No.: BC709074    

Rodriguez v. Ramirez

Motion by Defendants, Matthew Ramirez and JT’s Merchandise Outlet, Inc. for Order Compelling Plaintiff, Eugene Rodriguez’s, Deposition and for Reasonable Costs and Fees filed on 10/10/19 is GRANTED.

Plaintiff, Eugene Rodriguez, is ordered to appear for his deposition without objections within 20 days as duly noticed by Defendants.

Defendants served Plaintiff's counsel with a Notice of Taking Deposition on 7/26/18. Motion, Ex. A. It was later continued to 12/4/18 at Plaintiff’s request. Motion, Ex. B. Defendants served Notice of Continuance on 10/11/18. Motion, Ex. C.

Defendants again continued the deposition to 5/23/19 and served notice on Plaintiff on 4/30/19. Motion, Ex. D. Defendants continued the deposition again to 6/19/19 and served notice on 5/24/19. Motion, Ex. E. On 8/30/19, Defendants continued the deposition a final time to 9/17/19 and served notice on 8/30/19. Motion, Ex. F.

On ........