Vannalux Associates, LP v. Marvel Clinical Research, LLC

Case No.: 30-2019-01096258    

The unopposed motion by Robert J. Stroj, Esq., to be relieved as counsel for Plaintiff Vannalux Associates, LP, is granted.
Counsel for Plaintiff did not provide a current or last known address and telephone number for Plaintiff on the proposed order. Counsel should be prepared to provide the address and telephone number, so that the Court can sign the proposed order. Upon the signing of the order, Robert J. Stroj shall serve the signed order on Plaintiff and all parties. Robert J. Stroj will be relieved as counsel of record for Plaintiff, effective upon the filing of the proof of service of the signed order upon the client and all parties.
Vannalux Associates, LP cannot represent itself. It must seek legal representation and have counsel file a substitution of counsel form. Failure to retain an attorney may lead to striking the pleadings, among other things.
Robert J. Stroj shall give notice of the ruling.