On February 25, 2019, plaintiffs Alexander Ramlie, Eric Jordan, individually and derivatively on behalf of Ventura Adventure International, LLC (collectively, “Plaintiffs”), filed this action’s complaint (“Complaint”) against defendant Hannah Ashby (“Defendant Ashby”). The Plaintiffs allege that Defendant Ashby fraudulently induced the Plaintiffs to enter into a business venture whereby Plaintiffs would provide financial backing for a cannabis business that Defendant Ashby would establish and run. Defendant Ashby also allegedly induced Plaintiffs into said business venture in exchange for renumeration and some equity in the venture.

On June 18, 2021, Defendant Ashby filed the pending Motion For Leave To File First Amended Answer.

To date, Plaintiff has not filed any opposition papers to the pending motion.

Legal Standard

Code Civ. Proc., section 473(a)(1), provides, in pertinent part:

The court may, in furtherance of justice, and on an