Mullen & Henzell,et al. v. Jeffrey C. Nelson, et al.

Case No.: 15CV00038    

Nature of Proceedings: Motion Summary Judgment

HEARING: Motion of Plaintiff and Cross-Defendant Mullen & Henzell for Summary Judgment or Alternatively for Summary Adjudication

ATTORNEYS: For Plaintiff and Cross-Defendant Mullen & Henzell, LLP: Jonathan D. Miller, Holly C. Blackwell, Nye, Peabody, Stirling, Hale & Miller, LLP

For Defendant and Cross-Complainant Jeffrey C. Nelson and Cross-Complainant Oak Creek Company: Larry W. Gabriel, Joseph Rothberg, Brutzkus Gubner


For the reasons set forth herein, the motion of plaintiff and cross-defendant Mullen & Henzell for summary judgment or alternatively for summary adjudication is denied in its entirety.


In its second amended complaint (SAC), plaintiff and cross-defendant Mullen & Henzell, LLP (M&H or Firm) asserts seven causes of action against defendant and cross-complainant Jeffrey C. Nelson: (1) breach of........