The Honorable F. Brian Alvarez

Fresno County Superior Court, Department 50

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The Hon. F. Brian Alvarez is a judge for the Superior Court of Fresno County, California. On June 11, 2009, he was appointed to the bench by former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Judge Alvarez earned his B.A. from California State University, Fresno. He later received his J.D. from San Joaquin College of Law in Clovis, California.

Born and raised in Fresno, before he attended college he enlisted in the Air Force. When he returned from active duty and after he enrolled in college, he joined the California National Guard. He met his wife during college. After graduation, he was activated to participate in Operation Desert Storm.

In 1991, he returned home and enrolled in law school. It was during this time he worked at the Fresno County, California District Attorney’s Office in their Bureau of Investigations. While in law school he was still a member of the Air National Guard Reserve. He juggled law school, a full-time job, and military duty all at the same time. Following graduation in 1995, he took the bar and passed.

After his swearing-in, he was quickly hired by the DA’s Office as a Deputy District Attorney. In 1998, while still with the National Guard, after more training Judge Alvarez became an Officer in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. After the 2001 September 11 attacks, he was reactivated again and was sent to Washington D.C. When he returned to California he was hired by the Attorney General’s Office and worked there for seven years before becoming a Supervising Attorney.

Judge Alvarez has presided over juvenile and civil cases. He is also the assistant creator of the Veterans’ Treatment Court for veterans.

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