The Honorable Alexandra Smoots-Thomas

164th District Court - Harris County District Courts, Department retired


The Hon. Alexandra Smoots-Thomas (Ret.) served as a judge for the 164th District Court in Harris County, Texas. Smoots-Thomas joined the bench in 2009. Then, in 2019, she was indicted for wire fraud and suspended from her judgeship.

Smoots-Thomas joined her high school's nationally recognized and award-winning policy debate team. She went to the University of Texas at Austin and majored in government and journalism, and later completed her undergraduate studies at the University of St. Thomas with an Honors degree in communications, with a focus on print and broadcast journalism. Smoots-Thomas then attended the South Texas College of Law.

Smoots-Hogan spent the next several years at Brown McCarroll's. Then, in 2007, she opened her own office for the practice of law. It became known as Smoots-Hogan, Brockman, & Brauchle. Smoots-Hogan's practice areas were commercial litigation, construction litigation, real estate law and litigation, insurance law, U.S.C. § 1983 claims, family law and personal injury litigation.

She routinely speaks to and supports several community organizations geared toward cancer.

Smoots-Thomas was raised in Houston, Texas. She is the only child and has two sons. She is a member of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church.

She is registered as a Democrat.

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