RG19002714: Bland VS Premier Nutrition Corporation
04/14/2023 Hearing on Motion to be Admitted Pro Hac Vice in Department 21

Tentative Ruling - 03/28/2023 Evelio Grillo

The Motion to Be Admitted Pro Hac Vice filed by Premier Nutrition Corporation on 03/21/2023
is Granted.

The motion of Katherine S. Razavi to appear pro hac vice on behalf of defendant Premier
Nutrition Company, LLC is GRANTED. (Filed 3/21/23) On or before the anniversary of the date
of this order counsel must pay a renewal fee of five hundred dollars ($500). (Govt Code
70617(e)(2).) The Court sets a compliance date for 4/19/24 in Department 21. If the renewal fee
has been paid at least 10 calendar days before the hearing then no appearance will be required.

PLEASE NOTE: This tentative ruling will become the ruling of the court if uncontested by
04:00pm the day before your hearing. If you wish to contest the tentative ruling, then both notify
opposing counsel directly and the court at the eCourt portal found on th