HG21101499: Cook VS Najera
03/20/2023 Pre-Trial Conference in Department 16

Tentative Ruling - 03/17/2023 Tara Desautels


The Court has ordered the following after review of the case.

Per the minute order issued out of Dept. 303, the parties reached a settlement agreement on

However, no party has notified Dept. 16, and the matter remains scheduled for pretrial readiness
conference on 3/20 and jury trial on 4/3/23.

Parties are therefore directed to file a notice of settlement with courtesy copies emailed to
dept16@alameda.courts.ca.gov prior to 4:00 PM on 3/17/23, or they will be required to appear at
the 3/20 PTC.

If a NOS is timely filed, appearances will not be necessary, and the court will set a compliance
date based on the NOS.

Clerk is directed to serve copies of this order, with proof of service, to counsel and to self-
represented parties of record.
The Court orders counsel to obtain a copy of this order from the eCourt portal.