Grove Lumber & Building Supplies, Inc., et al, Case No. CIVSB2127791
Motion for Final Approval of Class Action Settlement
2/22/23, 1:30 p.m., Dept. S-17
In this case, Plaintiff filed this instant wage-and-hour class action against Defendant originally
on September 15, 2021. By February 14, 2022, he had filed the operative First Amended
Complaint (FAC), alleging on behalf of himself and those similarly situated claims for (1)
minimum wages; (2) overtime; (3) meal period violations; (4) rest break violations; (5)
reimbursement violations; (6) final pay violations; (7) wage statement violations; (8) unfair
competition law violations; and (9) civil penalties pursuant to the Private Attorneys General Act
(PAGA). The LWDA was given notice of Plaintiff’s claims as of September 11, 2022. Plaintiff
sought to represent