Plaintiff’s Complaint asserts Causes of Action alleging:

(1) Breach of Contract;

(2) Common Counts;

(3) Fraud [also titled “Intentional Misrepresentation” in body of Complaint];

(4) Breach of Bailment;

(5) Negligence Contract; and

(6) Embezzlement/Conversion of Personal Property

Plaintiff alleges Causes of Action 1-3 against Defendant Oregon Trail Corporation. Defendant demurs to each of them.


Plaintiff seeks to vacate a foreclosure sale that occurred against her personal residence. The Complaint alleges that:

Defendant, acting through Eric Mark, convinced Plaintiff to take a “hard money” loan for her import business.

Defendant failed to advise Plaintiff that the loan would be secured by a Deed of Trust.

The loan amount was supposed to be $75,000, but Plaintiff was........