# 9. Naziaree Butler v. Alternative Financing Corporation

Case No.: TC028879

Matter on calendar for: Hearing on motion to vacate; default judgment

Tentative ruling:

I. Background

Self-represented Plaintiff Naziaree Butler’s Verified Complaint for quiet title and fraud, among other causes of action, alleges that:

· Defendant Alternative Financing Corporation (“AFC”), a lender, recorded a Deed of Trust and promissory note concerning Plaintiff’s real property in 2005, yet has “[n]ever been duly licensed by The State of California to engage in acts constituting that of a First Mortgage Residential Lender, and continues to act with impunity out of the very same location, to this very day, in spite of never having filed organizational papers with The California Secretary of State.” (Verified Complaint, ¶¶ 8, 9.)

· AFC also “filed false assignments of the deed of trust… prepar........