Case No.: TC028836    

# 8. Lonnie Johnson v. Terminix International, Inc., et al.

Case No.: TC028836

Matter on calendar for: Hearing on Demurrer

Tentative ruling:

I. Background

In this action for negligence and conversion, Plaintiff Lonnie Johnson alleges that:

· He contracted with Defendant Terminix International, Inc. to perform fumigation work at Johnson’s residence before July 31, 2015. This required Johnson to vacate his residence temporarily.

· Before leaving, Johnson told “defendants 1-10” [presumably Terminix employees] that he needed to reenter the residence and “set the alarm.” (Complaint, ¶ 10.)

· Defendants assured Johnson they would “set the alarm” prior to leaving the residence.

· Defendants failed to “set the alarm.”

· During the time the property was “tented” for Terminix’ fumigation work, jewelry and coins were stolen from Johnson’s ........