# 4. Richmont Corporation v. Globe Ticket Company, et al.

Case No.: TC028542

Matter on calendar for: Hearing on application for stipulated judgment

Tentative ruling:

An action to remove a cloud on title is proper through a quiet title action. (See MF Farming Co. v. Couca Distributing Company (2012) 207 Cal.App.4th 180.) Civil Code § 3412 states: “A written instrument, in respect to which there is a reasonable apprehension that if left outstanding it may cause serious injury to a person against whom it is void or voidable, it may, upon his application, be so adjudged and ordered to be delivered or canceled.” CCP § 764.10 requires a prove-up hearing for any quiet title case.

In this quiet title action, Plaintiff Richmont Corporation applies for a court judgment to extinguish a Deed of Trust lien on its real property. Plaintiff has filed a statement of facts, the Declaration of Robert Schachter, and ........