Donna Orcutt vs Jason D Kepke et al.

Case No.: STK-CV-URP-2019-0010002    

19-10002 Orcutt Tax Costs 12/17/2019

Plaintiff Donna Orcutt moves for an order taxing costs set forth in the Memorandum of Costs filed by Defendants Jason and Jeremy Kepke. Having read and considered the motion, the court issues the following tentative ruling:

No opposition has been received.

On October 7, 2019, a dismissal was filed indicating that each party would bear their own costs. Defendants were notified on October 8th. No objections were filed.

Furthermore, the attorney for defendants improperly failed to meet and confer with regard to the filing of a demurrer. The court finds that the attorney for defendants failed to meet and confer properly prior to filing their demurrer. (Code of Civil Procedure section 430.41.)

Plaintiff’s motion to tax costs is granted.

Plaintiff may submit an order.