#3 – Gourmet Green Room, Inc. v. Toluca Lake Collective, Inc., et al. (SS027036)

On April 17, 2017 defendant Hamilton Court LLC filed a motion to transfer this unlimited jurisdiction case from the West District to the Central District. Defendant argues that this case can only proceed in the Central District, as that is where the torts arose, and therefore the court should transfer the case pursuant to its LASC Local Rule 2.3(b)(2) authority as it is currently proceeding in an improper district.

Plaintiff Gourmet Green Room, Inc. opposes. Inter alia, Plaintiff argues that Hamilton Court filed this motion after it filed its demurrer and it is thus untimely pursuant to CCP § 396(a); further, since the demurrer has been overruled, the motion is a blatant and unabashed attempt to forum-shop after the moving party learned Judge Lisa Hart Cole’s position on its defenses, and to preserve its right to raise a later CCP § 170.6 challenge.