Franklin v. Ford Motor Company

Case No.: SCV-258391     Track Rulings In Case

This lemon law action is on calendar for two motions. First, Ford Motor Company moves for summary adjudication of Plaintiff’s causes of action for negligent inducement; intentional inducement; and Plaintiff’s claim for punitive damages. As to that matter APPEARANCES ARE REQUIRED.
Second, Ford moves to seal 15 documents attached to Plaintiff’s opposition to the Motion for Summary Adjudication [MSA] and to exclude all references to those documents in Plaintiff’s briefs. Ford claims that the information in these documents is confidential and the documents were disclosed in violation of multiple stipulated protective orders entered between the parties in three other cases. Ford contends it has not produced these documents to Plaintiff in this litigation and Plaintiff could have only acquired them through other proceedings that are subject to a protective order. (Ford filed a third motion to exclude evidence but has since filed a Notice of Withdrawal of that motion. Thus, the m........