Case No.: P080089    

Hearing Date: August 5, 2009

If it is your intention to submit on the tentative decision, all that is required is that you submit a telefax to Judge Kellegrew's secretary, Mariela Murillo, at 805.981.5929, stating that you submit on the tentative. If objectors appear in Court, the Judge will continue the matter and notify your office of the hearing date.

The Court intends to:

- ACCEPT the waiver to a final accounting, and ACCEPT and APPROVE the Report of the Executor.

- APPROVE Statutory Attorney Fees of $2,881.01. APPROVE reimbursement of attorney's costs of $378.00. APPROVE Extraordinary Attorney's Fees of $2,237.25.

- The Petitioner has waived Statutory Executor Fees.

- APPROVE the Petition for Final Distribution. The estate is in a position to be closed, and the Court intends to APPROVE the distribution proposed in the petition and consistent with decedent's will dated January 14, 2005.