Plaintiff alleges he is married to Gabriele Latronica (“wife”). She suffered a stroke in 1990. ¶6 alleges multiple permanent effects of her condition, including Broca’s aphasia.

Wife does not take psychiatric medication (¶7).

In 2012 wife was found to be “gravely disabled pursuant to Welfare [sic] Code 5150.” A conservatorship was established and a public guardian was appointed.

Wife has resided in Defendant’s facility since 2015 in room 405 C.

Many allegations are not material to a claim. He alleges he visits wife 6 days a week for 2 ½ hours per day. “They play checkers and go for a walk through the facility.”

On 1/19/18 Plaintiff was visiting wife when a charge nurse and social worker came to the door, and told Plaintiff that his wife had been seen eating soap. Plaintiff responded that the accusation was “ridiculous” and the social worker said to the nurse “she is 5150 [and] we don’t have........