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Case No.: LAM16K08911    

Rosenman v. Elsenhaus, et al.


(CCP § 473(b))


Plaintiff David Rosenman’s Motion to Vacate Dismissal is CONTINUED TO MARCH 11, 2021 AT 10:30 AM IN DEPARTMENT 26 IN THE SPRING STREET COURTHOUSE.


On July 13, 2016, Plaintiff David Rosenman (“Plaintiff”) filed the instant action against Defendants Andreas Elsenhaus (“Defendant Elsenhaus”) and Lion Interior Design, Inc. (“Defendant Lion Interior”). The Court entered Defendant Elsenhaus’ default on February 22, 2017. On January 16, 2018, the Court noted that Defendant Lion Interior had not yet been served and set an Order to Show Cause regarding Failure to File Proof of Service and Failure to File Default Judgment for April 16, 2018. It was not until September 11, 2019 that Plaintiff obtained entry of default against Defendant Lion Interior.

The Order to Show Cause regarding Failure to F........