Re: Yan Li, et al. v. April Lin, et al. (KC069873)


Moving Parties: Defendants April Lin, Han International Group, Inc. dba Han Realty, Shigang Li, Jui Yuan Cheng and Moon Management Consulting, LLC

Respondents: Plaintiffs Yan Li and Mesarica Management, LLC

POS: Moving OK; Opposing OK

Plaintiff Yan Li (“Yan”) owns the property located at 20711 E. Mesarica Road in San Dimas (“subject property”) and manages same through Plaintiff Mesarica Management, LLC. On or about 4/5/16, Yan entered into a “Lease Listing Agreement—Exclusive Authorization to Lease or Rent” with Han International Group Inc. dba Han Realty (“Han”). Yan alleges that Han’s supervising broker, April Lin (“A. Lin”), represented to Yan that her friend Shigang Li (“S. Li”) was interested in leasing the subject property for himself and his son to use when they visited from overseas, and that S. Li was ........