Defendant and Cross-Complainant iSpring Water Systems, LLC’s motion to compel Advanced Purification Engineering Corporation to produce documents is DENIED.

Defendant and Cross-Complainant iSpring Water Systems, LLC (“iSpring” or “Defendant”) moves to compel Plaintiff and Cross-Defendant Advanced Purification Engineering Corporation (“APEC” or “Plaintiff”) to produce documents under Code of Civil Procedure section 2025.450.[1]

Defendant contends that Plaintiff is withholding evidence that allegedly demonstrate APEC’s liability in Defendant’s cross-complaint. Defendant also contends that Plaintiff engaged in spoliation of evidence in destroying evidence, leading Plaintiff to claim that it cannot produce such documents. In its Opposition, Plaintiff denies such wrongdoing, and contends that it has attempted to meet and confer in good faith with Defendant, and provided documents to Defendant.

Spoliation is the destruction or significant altera........