Marriage of Benigno CA5

Case No.: F071070    

In re the Marriage of GINA MARIE and JACK BENIGNO. GINA MARIE BENIGNO, Appellant,
JACK BENIGNO, Respondent.

F071070 (Super. Ct. F058012 No. VFL204691)
(Super. Ct. No. FL2313)

APPEAL from a judgment of the Superior Court of Tulare County. Bret D. Hillman and Nathan D. Ide, Judges.

Watters Law Office and Joan Alison Watters for Appellant.

Herr Pedersen & Berglund, Leonard C. Herr and Ron Statler for Respondent.


In this marital dissolution proceeding, wife appeals from the judgment on reserved issues entered after an arbitration determined that certain issues had already been disposed of by a settlement agreement reached in the mediation of a related partnership dissolution action. Wife contends the trial court should not have ordered the matter to arbitration because neither party filed a petition to compel arbitration; additionally, the arbitra........