3. Glenair, Inc. v. Amphenol Corporation


Motion of defendant Amphenol Corporation and Fiber System International Inc. to compel further responses from plaintiff Glenair, Inc. to Request for Production of Documents and Things, Set One:

The motion is moot as to Requests Nos. 28 and 54, according to the Reply.

Motion is granted as to Request No. 16, which requests documents reflecting Glenair’s California based clients, including those that would be serviced by Dabrowski, but for the restrictions as alleged in paragraph 6 of the Second Amended Complaint. Through their meet and confer, the parties narrowed this request to such documents “sufficient to determine the identities, locations, points of contact, volume of revenues/sales, and products sold to such clients, from January 2015 to the present” and Glenair apparently has agreed to produce responsive documents except for the information regarding the v........