18. EC064909
Motion for Summary Adjudication

The parties live on a Colman street in Altadena, Los Angeles County. The County required that a no parking fire lane be established on Colman and such was determined to be placed on Plaintiff’s property. Plaintiff’s property is also burdened by an easement of ingress and egress for other property owners on Colman Street. Plaintiff had erected a fire lane sign and painted fire lane markings on the portion of the street over which there is an easement for ingress and egress to the Plaintiff’s property and was also designated as the fire lane. The Defendants admitted to engaging in vandalism because they removed the fire lane sign and painted over the fire lane markings. According to the Complaint, this resulted in the Defendants being arrested. Plaintiff alleges that notwithstanding the no parking fire lane and the easement for only ingress and egress, the Defendan........