In re Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc.

Case No.: CVCV14-1481     Track Rulings In Case

Effective January 1, 2017, this case was reassigned to Judge Samuel T. McAdam in Department

7 for all purposes. Pursuant to Canon 3E (2) of the Code of Judicial Ethics, Judge McAdam

hereby discloses on the record that defendant Hector Absi was his former neighbor in Davis,


It should be noted that before this disclosure was made, the Court analyzed the issue

of disqualification. Disqualification is not mandated here for the following reasons: the

relationship is remote in time; it has no connection to this legal matter; the Judge has never been

involved in ex parte communications regarding this matter; and a reasonable person knowing all

the facts, including the Judge’s reputation for fairness, would not conclude that the Judge would

be biased.

Plaintiffs Dennis Pinn and Deborah Zeller’s unopposed motion for preliminary........