Case No.: CGC12276040    

Intervenors Application For Order Granting Relief From The Court'S Assessment Of A "First Paper" Filing Fee To Each Intervenor And That The Assessed "First Paper" Filing Fees Be Reduced To A Total Of $1,450.00 For All Intervenors; Or, In The Alternative, That The Assessed "First Paper" Filing Fees Be Equitably Reduced (Added To Calendar Per Ruling At The 10/24/12 Hearing In Case #828684)

On Asbestos Law and Motion Calendar for Thursday, November 8, 2012 in Department 503 at 9:30 a.m., Line 31. Intervenors? motion for relief from the court?s assessment of a first paper filing fee, or in the alternative, that the assessed first paper filing fees be reduced: hearing required. The hearing will be at 1:30pm. A court reporter will not be provided by the court. If any party wishes to have the matter reported, the parties must meet and confer to agree on only one court reporter for any reported matter in this case. There will be only one official record in a case. The desig........