HEARING DATE: June 20, 2019


CASE NAME: In Re: All Claimants to Surplus Funds After Trustee’s Sale of Real Property Located at: 7714 Agnes Avenue, North Hollywood, California 91605


TENTATIVE: The court orders the amount of $58,753.01 to be distributed to Claimants Ray A. Aispuro and Lupita Gonzalez. Claimant Aispuro to give notice.

This action concerns real property located at 7714 Agnes Avenue, North Hollywood, California 91605 (the “Subject Property”). MTC Financial Inc. dba Trustee Corps (“MTC”) conducted a trustee’s sale on November 21, 2017, and the Subject Property was sold for a total sale price of $433,600. MTC determined there is a conflict between potential claimants to the surplus proceeds and filed a petition to deposit the funds with the court, less disbursements already made and Petitioner’s attorney’s fees and costs. The Court granted the petition on N........