Robin Rudisill, et al. v. California Coastal Commission, et al., BS170185

Tentative decision on motion to strike/tax costs on appeal: granted in part

Petitioner Robin Rudisill (“Rudisill”) moves to tax the memoranda of costs submitted by Real Parties-in-Interest 422 Grand Blvd. LLC (“422 Grand”), 424 Grand Blvd. LLC (“424 Grand”), 426 Grand Blvd. LLC (“426 Grand”) (collectively, the “Grand Blvd. LLCs”), and Xingyun LLC (“Xingyun”).

The court has read and considered the moving papers, opposition, and reply,[1] and renders the following tentative decision.

A. Statement of the Case

1. The Petition

Petitioner Rudisill and six other Petitioners commenced this proceeding on July 11, 2017. Only Petitioner Rudisill remains in this action. The Petition also named owners of 422, 426, and Xingyun as Real Parties.

In May 2018, Rudisill’s counsel filed the First Amended Petition (“FAP”), which is........