Warren M. Lent and Henny S. Lent v. California Coastal Commission, et al., BS 167531

Tentative decision on petition for writ of mandate: granted in part

Petitioners Warren M. Lent (“Warren Lent”) and Henny S. Lent, individually and as trustees of the Lent Family Living Trust, seek a writ of mandate directing Respondent California Coastal Commission (“Commission”) to vacate a cease and desist order and administrative penalty imposed against Petitioners. Petitioners also seek a declaration of the parties’ rights and obligations pursuant to Public Resources Code (“Pub. Res. Code”) section 30821.

The court has read and considered the moving papers, opposition,[1] and reply, and renders the following tentative decision.

A. Statement of the Case

1. Petition

Petitioners commenced this proceeding on February 6, 2017. The operative pleading is the First Amended Petitioner (“FAP”) filed on Apr........