Defendants Boo Kon Ki, and Young Sook Kim’s Motion to Expunge Lis Pendens is GRANTED. Plaintiffs and their counsel are to pay $3,847.95 in fees and costs to Defendants.


“‘A lis pendens is a recorded document giving constructive notice that an action has been filed affecting title to or right to possession of the real property described in the notice.’ [Citation.] A lis pendens may be filed by any party in an action who asserts a ‘real property claim.’ [Citation.] Section 405.4 defines a ‘“Real property claim”’ as ‘the cause or causes of action in a pleading which would, if meritorious, affect (a) title to, or the right to possession of, specific real property . . . .’ ‘If the pleading filed by the claimant does not properly plead a real property claim, the lis pendens must be expunged upon motion under CCP 405.31.’ [Citation.]” (Kirkeby v. Superior Court of Orange County (2004) 33 Cal.4th 642, 647.)

“The pote........