SUBJECT: Motion for Attorney Fees

Moving Party: Plaintiff Amanda L. Loveless

Resp. Party: Defendant FCA US, LLC and Razzari Dodge Chrysler Jeep

The Court GRANTS Plaintiff’s motion for attorney’s fees in the amount of $12,054.00 for Strategic Legal Practices, APC, and $1,547.48 in costs and expenses, for a total of $13.601.48.


While the Court is overruling the objections to the Shahian Declaration, the Court finds the recitations in paragraphs 8-27 to be a waste of time. The fact that other courts may have approved counsel’s lodestar requests is irrelevant to this Court’s analysis. Further, such a selective recitation is, by its nature, biased and hence scientifically unsound. If plaintiff’s counsel wishes to include a spreadsheet showing the outcome of every motion for attorney's fees in every lemon law case it has tried, the Court might consider such evidence to be relevant.