Moving Party: Plaintiff Olivia Espinoza

Resp. Party: Defendant Om Shai Ganesh LLC

Plaintiff’s motion is for attorney’s fees and costs is GRANTED in part in the amount of $$21,827.53.


Plaintiff Olivia Espinoza (“Espinoza”) filed suit on May 10, 2018. Espinoza filed a first amended complaint on June 29, 2018, asserting causes of action for (1) intentional misrepresentation; (2) negligent misrepresentation; (3) dependent adult financial abuse; (4) negligence; (5) violation of Penal Code § 496(c); (6) cancellation of instrument; and (7) quiet title. Espinoza alleges her son and his girlfriend, Defendants Edward Carlos Gonzalez III (“Gonzalez”) and Maria De Los Angeles Garcia (“Garcia”) conspired with their real estate agent, Dynasty R.E. Inc. (“Dynasty”) and Victoria Valdez (“Valdez”), to fraudulently convince Espinoza to transfer title to her home to Gonzalez and Gar........