daniel monroy, et al., Plaintiffs, v. agavni tishchyan, et al., Defendants.

Case No.: BC692900, related to


Hearing Date: March 17, 2020


MOTION TO consolidate

Defendant Agavni Tishchyan (“Defendant”) moves to consolidate this case with Safeway Insurance Company v. Monroy, et al. (Super. Ct. L.A. County, 2019, No. 19STLC01372) for all purposes. Per Local Rule 3.3, subdivision (g), “Cases may not be consolidated unless they are in the same department. A motion to consolidate two or more cases may be noticed and heard after the cases, initially filed in different departments, have been related into a single department, or if the cases were already assigned to that department.” (Super. Ct. L.A. County, Local Rules, rule 3.3(g)(1).) The Court has already related these cases, and all are pending in this department. Consolidation is warranted as the cases arise out of the........