The Court strikes the complaint filed January 30, 2018, because it is not drawn in conformity with the rules provided in Code of Civil Procedure section 425.10. (See Code of Civil Procedure section 436(b)).

The complaint is captioned “Complaint for Descrimination” (sic). It contains handwriting of slightly more than one page that does not state the facts constituting a cause of action in an intelligible manner, and it does not request any particular relief.

Two allegations, for instance, concern food: (1)“Any food ordered by me is always messed with. On weekends they serve sandwiches but they give mayonese (sic) and musturd (sic) on the side but for some reason mine are always with the condements (sic) inside the food” and also (2) “they had put some sort of purple liquid inside my families food.”

There are allegations about nurses flirting with “my partner in front of my minor son”; putting someone “on the roof at an........