Case No.: BC688275    

Plaintiff Alicia Ruiz's unopposed motion to compel responses to request for production of documents, set one, is GRANTED.

The showing in the motion is that the request for production was served on April 24, 2018, and was not responded to within 30 days (or, indeed, ever). On June 8, 2018, plaintiff sent a meet-and-confer letter that defendant did not respond to. This motion was then filed on June 21, 2018, and not opposed.

While a telephone call in addition to the meet-and-confer letter would be better practice, the fact that there was not only no response to the meet-and-confer letter but also no opposition to this motion warrants granting the motion on the showing here.

Plaintiff seeks $1,600 in monetary sanctions against defendant Irene Cortez. Plaintiff does not provide any information for a lodestar calculation or other means of determining the sanction award. Absent any information the Court will assign a conservative ........