harry harutyun tangikyan vs. cha hollywood medical center lp , et al.; BC679244, July 17, 2018

[tentative] order re: plaintiff’s COUNSEL’S motion to be relieved as counsel

The motion of counsel for Plaintiff HARRY HARUTYUN TANGIKYAN to be relieved as counsel is GRANTED on condition that counsel provide the Court with a proposed order as discussed below. Otherwise, the motion will be denied.

Legal Standard

The Court has discretion to allow an attorney to withdraw, and such a motion should be granted provided that there is no prejudice to the client and it does not disrupt the orderly process of justice. (See Ramirez v. Sturdevant (1994) 21 Cal.App.4th 904, 915; People v. Prince (1968) 268 Cal.App.2d 398.)

CRC Rule 3.1362 (Motion to Be Relieved as Counsel) requires (1) notice of motion and motion to be directed to the client (made on the Notice of Motion and Motion to be Relieved as Counsel Civil fo........