monique mackey, Plaintiff, v. los angeles county mta, Defendant.

Case No.: BC676842

Hearing Date: March 17, 2020


motion to be relieved as counsel

Attorney Neil Steiner (“Counsel”) moves to be relieved as counsel for Plaintiff Monqiue Mackey (“Plaintiff”). Counsel has filed forms MC-051 and MC-052 and has lodged with the Court a copy of the proposed order on form MC-053 as required. (Cal Rules of Court, rule 3.1362.) The basis for this motion is a breakdown in the attorney-client relationship. That is a valid basis for withdrawal.

Counsel should note that the order will become effective upon the filing of proof of service of a signed copy of the updated the order on Plaintiff. Counsel will remain attorney of record until Counsel files with the Court proof of service of the signed order. Counsel must serve a copy of the signed order (form MC-053) on Plaintiff within 10 days.