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Court Order on Appellant’s Proposed Settled Statement

The Court issued a final decision on August 13, 2019 that Appellant attached to his Proposed Settlement Statement. The Court also denied Appellant’s subsequent Motion for Reconsideration on October 1, 2019. The August 13, 2019 decision is the full and final decision of this Court. The Court based its ruling entirely on the arguments raised in the pleadings and adopted its previously-posted tentative decision at the conclusion of the hearing.

Under CRC Rule 8.137,

An appellant may elect in his or her notice designating the record on appeal under rule 8.121 to use a settled statement as the record of the oral proceedings in the superior court without filing a motion under (2) if:

(A) The designated oral proceedings in the superior court were not reported by a court reporter;”

As appellant has indicated, there was no court reporter present at the August 13, 201........