Defendants’ Motion for Order Compelling Olympia Medical Center to Comply with Deposition Subpoena, filed on 3/26/18, is DENIED. Defendant has not shown good cause to warrant and order compelling compliance with the subpoena for records sought from Olympia Medical Center (“Olympia”). Cal Code Civ Procedure §1987.1.

The court can compel compliance with a subpoena for the production of records and make any order to protect the parties from unreasonable or oppressive demands including unreasonable violations of the right of privacy. Cal. Code Civ. Proc. §1987.1.

The parties do not appear to dispute production of the billing records pertaining to the treatment of Plaintiff by Olympia for injury relating to this action. Motion, Ex. A, Paragraph 1 of Attachment 3 to the subpoena. Olympia discloses it has already produced the UB-04 Claim Form and its itemized bill for the services provided to Plaintiff. Opposition 5:2-7.

The remaini........