The court has read and reviewed the Petition to Approve Compromise with Pooled Trust. In addition, the Probate Department has reviewed the submission. Other than the issues discussed below, the petition and supporting documents appear to be in compliance with applicable laws and statutory requirements.

Pooled Trust:

Petnr proposes to deposit the net funds received into the Jewish Los Angeles Special Needs Trust dated July 1, 2016. This is a pooled trust which requires a Joinder Agreement to set up a sub trust for Alberta.

Although the trust agreement on page 4, Section 2.01 states that: “Any special instructions for the benefit of the Beneficiary should be described in the Joinder Agreement’, there are no special instructions in the Joinder Agreement with regard to complying with the California Rules of Court or the Los Angeles Superior Court Rules regarding trusts funded by court order.

Because this is a master trust, the s........