Case Name: Infusio Life, LLC v. Tara Haven

Case No.: BC652311

Matter: Plaintiff’s Motion to Compel Further Discovery

Tentative Ruling: Motion is denied.

Plaintiff Infusio Life LLC moves to compel Defendant Tara Haven to provide further responses to discovery; specifically form interrogatory no. 17.1, special interrogatory no. 2, request for admission no. 1, and requests for production nos. 1 and 2. The motion is denied.

First, the motion is procedurally deficient. Because the motion seeks further discovery responses, a separate statement was required. See CRC 3.1345 (“Any motion involving the content of a discovery request or the responses to such a request must be accompanied by a separate statement.”). Plaintiff has not included a separate statement.

Second, Plaintiff has not shown that Defendant’s responses are deficient. Defendant provided substantive responses that are reasonabl........